Can you imagine what it would be like to...

  • Allow your God given talents to open doors for you to create a life you love waking up to?

  • Create a structured and organised action plan for your business success?

  • Be brave enough to say 'no' to certain things in order to make room for your wider why?
  • Eliminate fear and doubt?
  • Make a big impact with your message for God's glory & your good?
  • Escape 'internet overwhelm' and become more visible online?
  • Get clued up on the 'techy stuff'?
  • Consistently serve your target audience?
  • Move beyond a negative money mindset?
  • Put your time, talent and treasure into doing something you LOVE?
  • Build the Kingdom of God whilst building your business

will you let me help you make this happen?



My Story

Hey, I’m Naomi and teaching, mentoring and educating are passions of mine which run deep...

I’m a qualified teacher and I taught in high schools for seven years. 

The truth? I harboured a dream of what ‘something more’ might look like for most of my teaching career. I wanted to be able to share my faith ‘full-time’. I wanted to share truth in a way which enabled people to live life to the full using their God-given gifts as opposed to just reading about it. So as a volunteer, I pioneered and led youth & women’s ministries for ten years. I loved mentoring and getting alongside women, reminding them that they were made for more. It lit me up far more than teaching ever did. And yet, at the end of every school year, despite wanting to leave, I had no idea where I'd go or what I'd do next.

Finally, the decision was made for me when staffing structures shifted and my role no longer existed...

'Henson' is my maiden name!

'Henson' is my maiden name!

You’d think this was my green light. But to be perfectly honest, for the first six months of my post-teaching life I did barely anything when I wasn’t helping at church (my husband and I had been asked to join the staff team of a new one, he was now community pastor and I had thankfully been offered a part-time role there too). I mean, I did the laundry and I cooked dinner… but I also watched A LOT of Pretty Little Liars. 

I suddenly had all of this time to work on my hopes and dreams, all of these ideas which flowed through me... and no idea where to begin.

I kept letting myself believe that even though I had the space to, if I went after my hopes and dreams, I’d be laughed at, that no one would be interested and that I’d fail.

I didn't know who to turn to or where to look for advice. I feared the unknown. I feared taking action. I desperately wanted a plan but teaching was pretty much all I'd known.

So, I kept procrastinating.

new arch.jpg

I’d heard about coaching a few months before and although I was skeptical, I had signed up to a few high-level coaches’ freebies.


So I ignored them, most of the time.


I’ve always been quite tech-savvy. I built my church's website and have had my own blog for six years. I’d been online with my first website for years too. However, teaching drained me of time and energy and I’d never gotten around to do anything with it besides a blog post here and a video there.  I was always too overwhelmed with options to know what to do next, even if I'd wanted to.


One day though, after getting off the phone to my coach, I recognised that all I'd needed all along was a plan. Of course I did! The best lessons I ever produced as a teacher were the ones with clear and obvious plans. Those were the lessons where my students shone. Planning for business was no exception.


With the plan I'd needed all along, I soon saw speedy success in building my business. In fact, in just 8 short months starting at hobby status all whilst working a part-time job, this is what I'd managed to achieve:

  • Moved from blogger of five years to business owner with the launch of two devotional e-books.
  • Created and launched my first ever e-course and filled it with 30+ women from all over the world.
  • Built an incredible community of faith-filled entrepreneurs which grows daily.
  • Booked consistent 1:1 clients who get amazing results every single month (I was actually fully booked for a couple of months!)
  • Launched my first ever group coaching program and filled it with amazing purpose-driven women who are ready to change the world.
  • Started a giving back initiative which mobilises even more women all around the world to walk in their worth.
  • Left my part-time job and started working as full time CEO of my own business!

And here's the thing... It's so possible for you too!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you're reading this, you're called to extraordinary things and that no matter how overwhelmed you're feeling with everything right now, it can absolutely get better, and quickly! I'm passionate about equipping women with the tools and strategies they need to build businesses they never thought possible.

I know that you're capable, I know that you have it on the inside of you. I know that impacting the world is what you have been created for.

I also know that you need a plan in place to get yourself moving. And that's where I come in...

I now work with clients from all over the world and help them to create and scale businesses they LOVE. Even after just one or two calls...



Lovely, I know you've had enough of sitting on the sidelines. I know that as you read my story, something began to stir in your heart. Because the truth is, God's reserved you a front row seat you're currently not occupying and I'm here to show you how to get there.

Stop putting it off. If you have God-given hopes and dreams which you know you've been called to live out. You've really got to stop putting them off and start walking into your wider why...

Whether you're still working your 9-5, you're at home raising babies, or you're in a position to put your all into your biz, it's time to do something about it right now!

Are you ready to be bold? Are you ready to leap? You were made for more.


stop watching netflix and start building big!

You were made for more than an expensive hobby. It's time for you to let your light shine.

Let's do this together...



Coaching Topics

Your one-on-one business coaching experience will be designed specifically with you in mind. However, these are some of the topics we may cover.


Master your message

Colette cc Testimonial.jpg
  • Your why is communicated through the words that you say. Once we've mastered that, you'll have so much more confidence in it!
  • Helping your audience feel with the words you're sharing.
  • Making your message clear across all platforms.
  • Helping you get bold enough to be authentically YOU!


Structural Support

  • Create a business strategy and get organised.
  • Action steps at the end of every call to hold you accountable and get you working!
  • Create long, medium & short-term goals to stay on track.
  • Escape overwhelm and work smart.


Tech Technique

Timea tools testimonial.jpg
  • Website building support. - stand out online with my video tutorials & support.

  • Understanding the world of social media and how to make it work for you.

  • Reaching your ideal customers/clients with simple email marketing tools.
  • Get clued up on and start creating 'sales funnels', 'opt-ins', automation, landing pages and more.



    Bridging the Gap

    • Move seamlessly from hobby to business without it being terrifying!

    • Focus on how your what ties into your Why.

    • Move beyond fear!

    • Start understanding the importance of community without the fear of competition.


    Peace with pennies

    • Make sales without feeling pushy and desperate.
    • Start charging what you're worth.
    • Move beyond incorrect beliefs around money.
    • Integrate your new mindset into your business and your life.


    Branding Boost

    • Clarity on the best brand style for you.
    • Design a brand mood board which will enable you to step up and stand out.
    • Stand out with strong copy, which tells your story authentically & leaves people wanting to know more.
    • Communicate who you truly are through stunning photos which connect you to your potential clients.


    Vibe with visibility

    • No more hiding! I'll call you out where you're playing small and encourage you to share your message authentically.
    • Tips on getting comfortable with being on video whether you're using Facebook live, Instagram stories or YouTube.
    • Confidence and clarity in declaring your truth boldly wherever you share it.
    • Social media step by step guidance to ensure you're being seen by the right people.


    Programme Includes

    • A complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call to ensure that I'm the coach for you!

    • Three months of private coaching (see the list above for everything your sessions could include.)

    • Nine 60 minute sessions with me on Skype or Zoom.

    • An implementation week after every three calls for you to give you time to get the work done.

    • Priority email and Voxer access Monday - Friday, for those super inspired moments where our next session just can't come quick enough!

    • My custom Welcome Packet created to help you begin discovering how your what & your wider Why compliment each other more than you might think.

    • Action steps to keep you on track and get you working hard between sessions.

    • Your own personal client folder with access to any of the videos, workbooks, cheat sheets + training in my resource vault which I know will help you get results during our 90 days (I'll even create new videos for you if you need something I've not got in the vault yet!

    • Complimentary access to all of my self-study courses and training.

    • And so much more!



    Your work is SO vitally needed in the world for such a time as this.

    I'm here to support you every step of the way with the program I've created and to further support your success as one of my highly valued clients, I have SIX juicy bonuses just for you.


    BONUS #1

     Biblical reflection and prayer at the start of every session + prayerful support throughout our journey together.

    God desires for you to thrive in your business and too often we're given messages which suggest otherwise. We'll open our sessions in prayer and dive into the Word together as well. I'll give you the verses we've looked at and the questions we've discussed at the end of every session in worksheet format for your own personal reflection throughout the week.

    As well as enjoying business success whilst working together, my client Annie really valued our time together in the Word and prayer. Check out what she had to say below.


    bonus #2

    Copy writing and copy editing support at every step to ensure your message is COMMUNICATED PERFECTLY TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS. 

    Having words which wow are what will help you to be super successful in the online space. You don't have to blend in and be a cookie cutter version of everyone else - that's not how God designed you.

    Instead, stand up and stand out with your own unique voice. With me as your coach, support with your copy is just a click away. Check out what my client Leila had to say about the copy support I gave her.

    Bonus #3

    one deep-dive in person coaching session

    As one of my incredible clients, you'll have the opportunity to be coached by me in person for a longer 90-minute session during our 90 day program. Together, we'll decide which of your weekly calls you'd like to be replaced with an in-person deep dive session, and we'll meet in a luxury London hotel and work together on your business face to face. 

    (If you're not U.K based, our deep-dive session will be held online - no need to skip out on the luxury though. I'll bring champagne if you will!


    bonus #4

    additional call to walk you through your facebook ads

    You've heard it time and time again, Facebook ads are essential to your business growth. And it's true, they really are! Rather than take up time during one of our coaching calls discussing ad set up, we'll book in a 30 minute bonus call which you'll get the recording of and I'll go behind the scenes with you so that you can set up your ads time and time again with my tried and tested methods.


    Bonus #5

    complimentary access to my group coaching program, clarity class.

    As well as access to all of my smaller self-study training, my complete success suite and courses, you will also get access to the next live round of my group coaching program TOTALLY FREE (We kick off September 2017)!


    Bonus #6

    Giving back to charity and to a women's ministry with your investment

    In signing up for my 90-day program, you not only mobilise yourself and your business, but you also mobilise a whole women's ministry and a charity as a part of my giving back initiative, Mobilisation Mission. Check out the diagram below to see how this works.

    mobilisation mission.png



    dreamer to doer in 90 days

    Work with me for three months and we'll get your business mobilised.

    £1199 ($1550)/Month for 3 months

    (Or a one time payment of £2995/$3865 saving you over £600/$780) 

    Click the button below to apply and schedule a complimentary call.



    Check out some more successes and breakthroughs of some of my incredible clients.


    I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.
    — John 15:5

    I firmly believe that the Word of God is living and active and that it speaks today. I'm clear on the fact that God's voice is the most powerful when it comes to our goals, hopes, plans and dreams and that God IS interested in your business.

    Stop believing the lies which say you can't have business success as a Christian. You can, and we'll work on removing any mindsets which are limiting you as we journey together.

    I'm not a coach who says 'the universe has got your back' or 'let's just put it out in the atmosphere', because I'm standing firm on the fact that every good gift given to us 100% comes from God and that he's totally got us covered.

    foot of the tree image.jpg


    Why Me?

    I get it. I understand what it looks like to have hopes and dreams which are so extraordinary you barely have the confidence to tell anyone about them, let alone act upon them.

    But I get the other side too.

    The fear that those hopes and dreams might only ever be that – hopes and dreams. And so you play it safe. You sign up (or maybe even train for) a dependable 9-5 which you don’t hate, but it definitely doesn’t compare to your passion. Those hopes, those dreams.

    So, what do you do with the hopes and dreams?

    Leave them on the sidelines, or worse, the back-burner?

    I'm here to stop that from happening and to help you to build.

    I know that investing in yourself is scary, I've been there and felt that risk first-hand. Because of that, I totally respect your investment, your time and your resources.

    I want to help you get the clarity you need to move forward and build.

    I'm also a qualified teacher with years of experience - I don't say that to try and impress, I say it because it means I understand deadlines, accountability, feedback and the fact that we all learn in different ways. I'll quickly understand your learning style and tailor your programme to your needs.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Trust me, nothing is scarier than 'what if?'



    How does this work?

    • You'll book your totally free 30-minute clarity call so we can ensure we're the right fit for each other.
    • I'll ask you about your hopes, dreams, goals and ideas so that we can get clear on how we'd move forward working together.
    • You'll purchase your transformational bespoke coaching package (in either installments or in one payment) and you'll sign your contract which means you're promising yourself you're ready to get started.
    • You'll receive your personalised Welcome Packet, which will help you start getting vision and precision in place before we even get on our first call as well as your complimentary self study trainings ready for you in your own private client folder.
    • We'll set the dates for each of our coaching calls and get our schedule set.
    • I'll give you action steps at the end of each call, so that you're clear on what we've discussed each time and what direction you need to take each week for life-changing results.
    • I'll be at hand via email and Voxer Monday - Friday in between sessions for those moments where you need a little extra support.


    This programme is for you if...

    • You desire high-level business coaching which truly places God at the centre.
    • You're ready to turn your dreams into reality.
    • You want to use your God-given gifts to serve the world and want expert support with a plan of action!
    • You're ready to put the work in!
    • You're no longer available to play small in the world.
    • You want to invest in your God-given dreams and get help in making them a reality.
    • You're ready for transformation!


    dreamer to doer in 90 days

    Work with me for three months and we'll get your business mobilised.

    £1199 ($1550)/Month for 3 months

    (Or a one time payment of £2995/$3865 saving you over £600/$780) 

    Click the button below to apply and schedule a complimentary call.


    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
    — Marianne Williamson