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"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession..."  (1 Peter 2:9)



You might not have a castle, but it's time for you to recognise - you're royalty!



Now, more than ever, it's time to shatter the barriers that AMAZING women find themselves pushing against day in and day out. The Bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!

But Hands up who has found themselves not feeling free time and time again?

I don't know about you, but I for one have had enough of listening to lies and believing that I'm any less than who God created me to be. I say this all the time, but...

You were made for more

More than what other people have said about you, more than what you believe you're capable of, more than the scars your past has left you with and more than the disappointment this life has presented you.

It's time to let go of the lies and walk in truth.


That's why I've created chosen.

Chosen. is an interactive e-course for purpose-driven women who want to get their mindset right as they walk into everything God has for them in life & business.

Chosen. is an online mindset journey to walking in your worth. 

It features 8 modules, packed with promises and stories which replace fear with Gospel hope & truth. Because that's the sort of hope and truth you were made to walk in, lovely!

So, let's start walking!

Find out how below...

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Are you…

- Finally ready to stop making excuses about why you've not yet gone after your God given dreams?

- Eager to live your life on purpose?

- No longer available to play small?

- Ready to shift mindset mountains which have previously held you back from walking in your worth?




Chosen. is designed to help you...

- Stop living life with a 'less than' mentality.

- Gain practical tools to combat negative thinking & replace it with God’s truth.

- Get your mindset questions answered.

- Get equipped with the confidence boost and know how you need to move forward in your life and business.



Your Journey

Module one: The One you are chosen by

 This is the perfect place to start with our mindset. We can so often take God's care, love and attention for granted, can't we? Here at the start of our time together we'll be unpacking the fact that GOD has chosen us and that that’s a really big deal!


Module Two: Not chosen by chance

 God has chosen us specifically and intentionally. He doesn’t make mistakes. That's why we're ‘chosen.’ with a full stop. In this module, we'll be learning to drop the 'ifs', 'buts', and 'maybes' and instead, we'll be picking up the purpose and power we've been uniquely blessed to walk in... so we can start walking!


Module three: When the chosen have a choice

Are we really choosing God in all areas? Or are just fitting Him in amidst everything else? We can cry out and ask God why He's not moving in our lives, sure, but we've also got to ask ourselves if we're making space for Him to move. This module is all about us re-setting our mindset and putting God first in our lives & work.


module four: chosen. out of chains (shame)

Our past is not our present, and living in our past means we don’t feel chosen enough to move forward. I get it. I lived with the chains of sin and shame for so long that I forgot what freedom felt like or I felt too guilty to try it. This module is designed to break those chains and remind us of God's amazing grace which compels us to press on.


Module five: Un-chosen, yet chosen. (rejection)

So we’ve given our lives to Jesus, perhaps we've even been walking with Him a while now. We’re trying to live for Him and yet difficult things still take place. People and places reject us. How do we learn to live chosen and push against the setbacks? This module addresses the weight of rejection & the power God has to lift it.


Module six:  Not chilled - still chosen. (anxiety and depression)

Our emotions are valid. Our mental health is important. We can find ourselves stressed in a way which isn't healthy, or low in way which prevents us from enjoying the life we've been given. Having been diagnosed with depression & anxiety in the past, in this module I share some of my story + practical strategies to help us overcome whether what we're facing is big or small.


Module seven: Check who's CHANNELING your choices (People Pleasing)

So, confession time... I've been a massive people pleaser before. Worrying about what people think about my words and actions. Feeling as though I need permission from others before moving in the direction I want to walk in. Can you relate? This module moves us beyond people pleasing and sets us up for serving the world using our God-given gifts and talents.




Module Eight: The chosen. challenge  

So we've surrendered the shackles and chucked off the chains. We've been reminded of our freedom and we're walking in it. So, what next? Well, our right standing in Christ isn't only for us! Telling and showing others they are chosen is a key part of our journey. This is just the beginning!



Membership with Meaning


When I had the concept for this course, I knew that I wanted to give back a portion of every woman's enrollment cost. As you hopefully know by now, I'm ALL about empowering and equipping women, and therefore, when praying about who I wanted to give back to, Mercy UK kept coming back to me.

Mercy UK exists to provide opportunities for women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power in partnership with her local church.

It's an absolute privilege to partner with Mercy UK in this way. As you secure your place on 'Chosen.', you're also contributing to the support and restoration of other women through mercy's work. Thank you. 

You can read more about who Mercy UK are here.



Read Melissa's full review of the course HERE

Chosen. doesn't just scratch the surface, it's designed to go deep so we can really face the root of those mindset mountains together. It's going to be a journey which ends in freedom and power walking into purpose.

Ready to stop playing it safe?

(P.S. The answer is YES!)

So... Are you in?

I truly believe that this course will transform your mindset and cause you to start dreaming big again. You'll be empowered to let go of the chains which have previously held you back and you'll finally start walking in your worth again... perhaps even for the very first time. 

Absolutely no one is served by you playing small in the world. It's time to start living Chosen.

* EIGHT Power-packed modules with workbooks & audios.

 * BONUS CONTENT taken from my mini mindset booster course ‘Life to the Full’.

 * ACTION STEPS, pause points and praise breaks for you to take yourself through each week.

* OVER TWO HOURS of audio training.

* OVER 15,000 words of teaching across the 8 workbooks.

* MEMBERSHIP WITH MEANING: A percentage of your subscription goes directly to charity, Mercy UK...










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