Because 'winging it' isn't actually a business plan...

You’ve set up a blog. You’ve even purchased your domain name. You've flirted with the idea of ‘promoting’ yourself on Facebook here and there… and then suddenly you had a brief moment of panic. "Now what?" you’re nervously wondering to yourself as all hope and promise drains from your fingertips and leaves your keyboard untouched for another six months...

Your God-sized goals are way too big to keep putting off like this, lovely. It’s time to get to work.

Introducing… Clarity Class – Your fast-track ticket to a bespoke business blueprint

No more trying to piece things together on your own.

No more freebie overwhelm.

No more ‘ah ha’ moments without action.

Just imagine your next Monday morning feeling totally different to the way it ever has before. A Monday morning where you wake up to email notifications of passive income sales from the night before. You're not rushing to a 9-5 somewhere, you're looking forward to a day of client calls and meetings. You've got hot coffee on tap - not that lukewarm swig you used settle for as you run out of the door to catch the train.

Picture a moment you’ll mark for the rest of your life. That point where you draw a line in the sand and just know things will be different now that you’ve finally built up the nerve to start pursuing the plans God has called you to live out. Imagine not only feeling ready to finally walk in your worth, imagine actually doing it because now you finally know how.

Hey, I’m Naomi and teaching, mentoring and educating are passions of mine which run deep...

I’m a qualified teacher and I taught in high schools for seven years. 

The truth? I harboured a dream of what ‘something more’ might look like for most of my teaching career. I wanted to be able to share my faith ‘full-time’. I wanted to share truth in a way which enabled people to live life to the full using their God-given gifts as opposed to just reading about it. So as a volunteer, I pioneered and led youth & women’s ministries for ten years. I loved mentoring and getting alongside women, reminding them that they were made for more. It lit me up far more than teaching ever did. And yet, at the end of every school year, despite wanting to leave, I had no idea where I'd go or what I'd do next.

Finally, the decision was made for me when staffing structures shifted and my role no longer existed...

You’d think this was my green light. But to be perfectly honest, for the first six months of my post-teaching life I did barely anything when I wasn’t helping at church (my husband and I had been asked to join the staff team of a new one, he was now community pastor and I had thankfully been offered a part-time role there too). I mean, I did the laundry and I cooked dinner… but I also watched A LOT of Pretty Little Liars. 

I suddenly had all of this time to work on my hopes and dreams, all of these ideas which flowed through me... and no idea where to begin.

I kept letting myself believe that even though I had the space to, if I went after my hopes and dreams, I’d be laughed at, that no one would be interested and that I’d fail.

I didn't know who to turn to or where to look for advice. I feared the unknown. I feared taking action. I desperately wanted a plan but teaching was pretty much all I'd known.

So, I kept procrastinating.

I’d heard about coaching a few months before and although I was skeptical, I had signed up to a few high-level coaches’ freebies.


So I ignored them, most of the time.

But then i realised that i still hadn't moved from 'ah ha' to action, and if i actually wanted this to work, i was going to have to take my purpose-driven vision a lot more seriously.

I’ve always been quite tech-savvy. I built my church's website and have had my own blog for six years. I’d been online with my first website for years too. However, teaching drained me of time and energy and I’d never gotten around to do anything with it besides a blog post here and a video there.  I was always too overwhelmed with options to know what to do next, even if I'd wanted to.

I didn't have a strategy and so i stayed stuck at blogger status for far too long.

One day though, after getting off the phone to my coach, I recognised that all I'd needed all along was a plan. Of course I did! The best lessons I ever produced as a teacher were the ones with clear and obvious plans. Those were the lessons where my students shone. Planning for business was no exception.

What I'd soon created for myself was the plan... what i'd needed all along was the blueprint.

Once my plan was in place, I quickly knew I’d been called to mobilise other amazing purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to go after their dreams, just like I was encouraged and equipped to go after mine. I soon begun working with women 1:1, supporting them in chasing their God-sized goals. I’d finally uncovered my wider why and saw how everything I’d experienced, been trained in and volunteered for, had prepared and equipped me for a where I am today. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you're reading this, you're called to extraordinary things and that no matter how overwhelmed you're feeling with everything right now, it can absolutely get better, and quickly! I'm passionate about equipping women with the tools and strategies they need to build businesses they never thought possible.

I know that you're capable, I know that you have it on the inside of you. I know that impacting the world is what you have been created for.

I also know that you need a plan in place to get yourself moving. And that's where I come in...

I now work with clients from all over the world and help them to create and scale businesses they LOVE. Even after just one or two calls...

Lovely, I know you've had enough of sitting on the sidelines. I know that as you read my story, something began to stir in your heart. Because the truth is, God's reserved you a front row seat you're currently not occupying and I'm here to show you how to get there.


Clarity Class is a 3 month group coaching programme which will help you take your business from hobby status to the real deal.

Clarity Class will give you the answers you’ve been searching through endless freebies for to building a successful purpose-driven business on your terms with a plan which actually works.

Clarity Class is your strategic secret weapon with clear and defined action steps to support you in building and scaling your heart-centered business step by step, leading you to income and impact.

Let’s break down this blueprint, shall we?



Module One: Freshers Week 

That’s right, this class is no different to the regular ones you take at university (are you sensing the theme yet?) This week is all about getting to know your classmates. But we’ll be working hard too. This module will help you to start thinking straight away as well as getting some essential elements set up, which your future success will thank you for.

We'll cover...

  • Meeting your fellow success seeking sisters and working out a foolproof accountability system.
  • What on earth in a Facebook pixel and why and where do I need to put it? (Yes, we've got to do this first.)
  • Market research
  • Creating mood boards which have you picturing the clients you're ready to serve from the word go.

Module Two: Mindset

Don’t roll your eyes, mindset is key when it comes to building your business. This module dives into who God says you are and what you’re capable of. So that even when you’re having a bad day, you’ll have what it takes to keep on keeping on. No more self-talk shut down. It’s time to shed that old skin and step into the spotlight.

We'll cover...

  • Go-to verses when you're having a day which simply isn't going your way.
  • Why a faith rooted, forward thinking mindset is key when building business.
  • How to overcome stinking thinking and pursue purpose and power like you were created to.
  • Journalling and how it will help you throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

Module Three: Ideal client, Content and Core message

This week dives deep into who you want to serve and why you want to serve them (we’ll already have started to explore this during fresher’s week) Once we’ve mastered your ‘who’, we’ll get to thinking about your ‘what’, as in what you’re actually going to offer your people. Of course, we’ll also be unpacking the glue which holds all of that together – your purpose-driven vision. Your ‘why’.

We'll cover...

  • Ideal client 101 - The people you're ready to serve are out there waiting for you already. We'll be working on specific market research plans to help you get in front of them.
  • Your ideal client has specific needs and wants. We'll be working out how you can ensure you're meeting them in those places and providing them with exactly what they've been waiting for.
  • We'll be diving deep into why you're in business. Yes, you're ready to make some income. But you're here for huge impact too, right? We'll be unpacking that and making sure your message makes sense and resonates with those who need to hear it.
  • Now you've got this incredible message and you know exactly who you need to speak to, the next step is about what you create and how you show up.

Implementation week (Think study week, not spring break. You’ll have homework to do!)

This week will all be about content creation - we will have just dug deep with your messaging and your mission and so you need space to create the content which mobilises it, right? Get creating and share what you've got with the Facebook commuity. I'll be reading every word and giving you feedback.

Module Four: Write Right 

After a week of diving deep into your who, what and why, you’re going to be ready to tell the world! This module is all about what to say and how to say it - from FB ad copy all the way to the words on your website. If your messaging isn’t memorable, you and your business won’t be either.

We'll cover...

  • The art of story telling for business and how this is crucial in everything you say.
  • The different ways you need to show up and write when it comes to business.
  • Reviews of your current copy and live and direct feedback and editing where it's needed.
  • Key tips and tricks which leave your words with the wow factor and have your clients hanging on to everything you say.

Module Five: Website Wonder

Whether you’ve already got a website or you’ve had one for years, this module is important. Your website is your ‘store front’ in the online world and if the shop isn’t looking and sounding ship-shape, no one is going to want to buy from it. I’m a Squarespace circle member which means Squarespace is 100% my jam. I’ll walk you through an easy to implement website creation tutorial which will have the online space you hold standing out from the crowd.

We'll cover...

  • How to build a website. If you've already got one, I'll be reviewing it and looking at where we can make tweaks which will take it to the next level.
  • Your branded look and feel on your website and how everyone who lands on it experiences it.
  • What needs to be on your website and what you could do without.
  • Membership sites and how to host them on your very own platform! No need to find a third party platform, host your course on your very own website.

Module Six: Opt-in & Sales Funnels

Your people are starting to like what they see and hear about you and your business. They want to know more. Here’s where you give them the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’ by creating an irresistible free offer which will lead them into your paid product or service. In this module we’ll be talking CRM and automation galore.

We'll cover...

  • How to use Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign and which system is right for you.
  • Freebies! What to create to help people get to know you before they buy from you and how to create them.
  • How to automate your business.
  • What you need to be doing and saying to ensure you're leading with value in every email you write.

Implementation week (Think study week, not spring break. You’ll have homework to do!)

This week you'll be creating/tweaking your website, your free content and your emails as well as mastering your CRM software and how it all links together. Of course, the group support will be available even though we won't be jumping on a call.

Module Seven: Social Media

Everyone and their mother are on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that you turning up on their timelines saying ‘buy my stuff’ is going to get you anywhere. This module is all about strategy when it comes to social media. Where to be and what to be doing there.

We'll cover...

  • Facebook ads. You need them. It's as simple as that. I'll show you the ropes. (I recently had one converting at 21p per conversion! True story.)
  • Where you need to be on social media without getting overwhelmed and wanting to throw your laptop out of the window.
  • The low-down on what's working with the main players (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.)
  • Crafting a social media strategy which is right for your business.
timea social media tesimonial.jpg

Module Eight: Products, Packages and Prices

We’ll get clear on what you’re selling and what you’re charging. In this module, we’ll bust through the money myths which have previously had you too scared to do or share anything which wasn’t free. We’ll explore crafting your signature offering, plus a variety of services you could offer to compliment it.

We'll cover...

  • How to put everything you've got to offer the world into packages so that people can easily see what you're sharing.
  • How to price your offerings and the range of services you need in place - including crafting your signature offering.
  • A reflective study of money from a Biblical perspective.
  • How to generate passive income.

Module Nine: Magnetic Marketing

The blueprint is well and truly in place. Now it’s time to get strategic about how your message is heard by those who count. You’re purpose-driven and so I already know you want to lead with value in all you share. This module unpacks the various ways of doing this which will lead you to celebrating sales without feeling ‘salesy’.

We will well and truly be celebrating you and your future success. Time to crack open the champs!


We'll cover...

  • Not being 'salesy' when showing up in front of your ideal clients.
  • How to close sales conversations with confidence.
  • How to ensure the right people are picking up what you're putting down.
  • Keeping this whole system sustainable now that you're ready to fly!


Bring on the bonuses...

#1 - Life to the full mindset mini course

I'm all about you getting your mind right and to do that, we need to focus on who God says you are and what you're capable of. My mindset mini course, Life to the Full does just that. You get instant access to the training as soon as you enroll.

#2 - Resource vault

Access to all of the resources I share with my private clients. PDF workbooks, video tutorials and everything in between - We'll cover aspects of your business like creating forms and fillable PDF's, how to use Photoshop and productivity hacks which will leave you with the free time you've been craving. These resources will be added to throughout the programme too, so you can request videos and cheat sheets you would like if they're not already in the vault.

#3 - the anatomy of storytelling - guest expert: James Aidoo – Pastor, speaker, award-winning youth practitioner and consultant 

My husband, James is going to be jumping into the class for a bonus call to share his gift of storytelling. This is a hugely special bonus as James is an award-winning practitioner and has huge skill when it comes to making stories come to life and trust me, storytelling for your business is KEY!

- Bonus call with James to help you bring the messaging of your business to life using stories.

- ‘The Anatomy of Storytelling’ workbook for you to revisit time and time again.

#4 orientation week

I'm SO excited about all that I've got to share with the ladies in the class that I'm starting early! Tune in a week early for an extensive Orientation Packet, live teaching in the Facebook Community and audits of your current business. Don't miss out on an extra week of content!



Clarity Class is your fast-track ticket to a bespoke business blueprint and we’ll mobilise your business via detailed lessons and homework (hey, I'm a teacher.) PLUS deep dive coaching calls where I’ll answer all of your questions. Not to mention an incredible support system formed of your fellow success-seeking sisters and feedback on everything you're saying and doing as you grow and scale your business.


You'll learn...

  • How to maintain a faith-focused mindset in the midst of your imminent success.

  • Business systems, tools and structures to set up your business for success.

  • How to leverage your time, talents and treasure.

  • Productivity hacks so that you're not spending forever in your business, neglecting the people who matter to you the most.

  • Pricing, packaging and pitching - how to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

  • Marketing made easy.

  • Social media strategy.

  • 9 LIVE lessons at the start of each week

  • Recordings of each lesson for you to continually refer back to.

  • 9 mid-week Q & A calls where all your questions on the lesson will be answered.

  • 2 implementation weeks throughout the 3 months to get the work DONE (If you’re on the VIP track you’ll get a 1:1 call during those weeks.)

  • Private powerhouse Facebook community where you’ll get to share your work throughout the week which I’ll give feedback on, not to mention the incredible support of your classmates!

... Sitting on the sidelines, stalking everyone else and stacking up freebies isn’t going to cut it any more.


It’s time to get strategic, set up and successful.


...Clarity Class is the bespoke business blueprint you’ve been waiting for.


I’m in! Let’s mobilise my mission…

Here’s what happens once you click...

  • You’ll be taken to a payment page where you’ll either pay in full or pay your first installment. On this page you’ll also be asked to add your email address and create a password which will give you instant access to the members lounge. (Bring your champagne - let’s toast to your success!)
  • Once you’ve made your payment, do a victory dance and then find yourself in your inbox. Verify your login information and then head on over to the members lounge with your champs (via the ‘member login’ tab at
  • My mindset mini-course, 'Life to the Full' is there ready and waiting for you right now, as is the link to your private Facebook community of success seeking sisters.

Sorry lovely!

Doors to clarity class reopen in september 2017. If you want to be first in line and snag some amazing early bird bonuses, sign up below and you'll be first to know when doors reopen again.