I am totally and utterly blessed to work with the most AMAZING women from all over the world.

Here's some of the lovely things they've had to say after working together.


Wow. Naomi really helped easily and effectively guide me to setting up everything I need to confidently launch my first program. She guided me step by step in utilizing social media, specifically Facebook, making my email automations more appealing, and setting up a membership site. In a matter of weeks I met my goal of 10 ladies in my 6-Week Course + Group Coaching program. Two weeks after that, two more ladies joined my 3-month coaching program, bringing my total income to $4,300 in less than 2 months! What really stands out is not just my success but the heart, soul and energy that Naomi poured into me and the growth of my business. She was always ready to answer my questions, send me super encouraging voice notes and keep me motivated along the way. She always came in at the right time to offer the perfect question or solution to my efforts. I am incredibly grateful to have worked with the lovely and sweet, Naomi. :)
— Kelley, Registered (warrior) Dietitian, U.S.A
Working with Naomi has completely accelerated my plans. Her help has been invaluable in terms of transferring my skills into packages and products, mastering the technical elements of my services. A key aspect has been transforming my mindset to see the worth and value of my skills. My confidence has grown enormously and best of all I’m finally off the starting blocks and ready to go!
— Loretta, Radio broadcaster, Music Manager and Coach for Independent music artists, U.K
Naomi introduced me to all the tools I could possibly use to help me get organised and she is the best when it comes to tutorials. She is a great teacher and she really knows how to give valuable lessons. I am almost done creating my own website which I find absolutely incredible when I think back to our first calls, telling her that I have never done this before therefore I am not sure if I would be able to do it, but she motivated me and pushed me out of limiting beliefs, telling me I could do it!
— Timea, Life Coach, The Netherlands
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Goodness me, I can’t believe how much I have learned and completed over the space of 1 month! For sure I can see and focus on things much more clearly and purposefully. I feel like my heartfelt hard working arrows are now not shooting aimlessly in the dark anymore. A really great big thank you, Naomi for your guidance, insight and encouraging coaching in the time we’ve had together!! What a power-packed month it’s been for me! REALLY!
— Sandra, Holistic Therapist & Mind Coach, U.K
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The biggest breakthrough since starting this journey with Naomi? Where do I even begin?! My website looks amazing. I have been able to direct prospective clients to my website with confidence knowing it will supply their needs. I booked my first party! I was loved and supported through the whole process. I do believe the biggest break, however, was the confidence Naomi gave me. As we walked through Scripture together, Naomi encouraged me to walk in my worth before my Creator and Father as I grew my business into something I think will honor Him. And when you have a Kingdom mindset, no matter what you do, your life will be joyful.
— Annie, Interactive Entertainer, U.S.A
My launch is coming soon & I’m more prepared for it than I was 2 months ago when it was all just a dream because of having Naomi as a coach! I have to honestly say that I wasn’t even sure what to expect from her as a coach & she exceeded everything I could’ve possibly expected. I’ve come across coaches that are super expensive yet not responsive unless it deals with me paying for a service or product. I sincerely appreciated her approach & genuineness. Naomi has been a great encouragement to me! She has helped me to see how important it is to not be so hard on myself; so I give myself grace more often. She’s also helped me to see starting my business is not a sprint but a race of endurance; everything does not need to happen quickly. As a result, I’ve accomplished spending more time in God’s word and believing more that my business is exactly what God has called me to do.
— Lakeyshia, Christian Encouragement Coach, U.S.A
Before my coaching with Naomi I was struggling to really get clear on my purpose. In our very first session, she helped me to make a breakthrough which has led me to re-brand and re-write my messaging so it is more focused on my ideal client. This has led to 30% growth in my FB group and my email list has nearly doubled! I’ve gone from just one paid offering to launching my first online course (with confidence!)
— Colette, Business Coach, U.K
I really have to tell you about Naomi! After 3 calls, my website was almost done, I had an opt-in on the way, a free challenge AND started building an e-course. By the end of the coaching, I went from: I have NO IDEA if I want to be a coach and who is my ideal client, to having my website in 2 languages, a private fb group, and lots of content created. In the 8 weeks I got coached by her, not only did I grew as a business coach, but I also grew spiritually and as an individual. She also helped me more than I could imagine with my copy since English is my second language. Her price is NOTHING compare to what you get. Naomi is just an amazing person as well as the perfect clarity and copy coach for you. She will guide you, motivate you and support you in your journey. I could never thank her enough for all that she’s done for me. Don’t think about signing with her. DO IT!
— Leila, Startup Strategist, Canada
Working with Naomi took the fear and overwhelm out of creating a website, using campaigns, and creating a sales funnel for reaching my ideal clients. Her coaching helped me to feel more confident in my abilities to continue pursuing my calling in encouraging military spouses to live resilient lives. Her belief in me and my purpose helped to propel me moving forward with confidence that Christ will be with me through it all.
— Moriah, Blogger and coach for military spouses, U.S.A


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