As any Entrepreneur knows, business continually moves and grows and as purpose driven entrepreneurs, you know the power of following God's leading and guidance as He paves your way.

God has called me to give back in an exciting way, which you get to be part of...

After blogging and vlogging in the online space for over five years with a half-hearted website and not enough time, I finally decided to officially make a go of moving beyond 'hobby status' and I started with my devotional e-books, 'Feast' and 'Multivitamins'. 

It was incredible to hear people's testimonies and breakthroughs as they explored God's word through the content I'd shared and I soon realised it was time to take the next step and create something even bigger - a course, a journey for women to take in order to walk in their worth and live out their purpose powerfully.

God is in the business of enlarging your vision!


At the end of 2016, I launched my first e-course, Chosen and I had the privilege of taking over 30 women from all over the world (U.K, U.S.A, Australia & Canada) through a live round of the course.

Again, the testimonials and messages of thanks which came my way were overwhelming and I knew that this message God had given me to share was a powerful one for His daughters.

Since just before launching Chosen, God has been leading and guiding me in expanding my ministry and I now run my business full time.

As a faith-focused qualified teacher of seven years, turned Business Coach with a successful e-book and e-course launch behind me plus years of 'tech' experience as someone who built her own website when she barely had anything to put on it all those years ago, I knew I was being called into supporting other purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build businesses around their God-given business ideas and make them a reality, just like I had done! The clients I work with are incredible and so are the results they get as we journey together.

The mission of my business is to mobilise faith-focussed entrepreneurs through my coaching programs with the tools they need in the online space in order to use their gifts, skills and talents to have impact in their industries and spheres of influence whilst making income.

Six months after the launch of 'Chosen', I had been taking some time to re-evaluate my products and services to ensure I was continually showing up and serving my clients in the very best way I know how.

I had started to feel as though I wanted to share Chosen beyond the world of female entrepreneurs!

This is where you come in...

Chosen is a power-packed course not only for female entrepreneurs.

The truth is, Chosen is for any Christian woman who is struggling in certain areas of identity and purpose.

It was birthed out of almost ten years of me leading and supporting women's ministries - hearing their hearts and knowing my own.

The beautiful thing about the Kingdom, is that we are a body and many people are called to serve all kinds of women in this season and that's where my giving back initiative comes in.

You can still purchase Chosen if you're not a ministry leader and want it for yourself. However...


Chosen is now available to women's and girls group ministry leaders completely free of charge for them to use as they wish with their group as they pursue purpose and power.


So how do the church get it for free?

Check out my mobilisation mission below...

mobilisation mission.jpg
  • An purpose-driven entrepreneur decides she's finally ready to mobilise her God-given dreams and signs up to be coached in one of my programs. In doing so, with a percentage of what she invests, she 'sponsors' a church ministry who have applied to receive my e-course for free.

  • Every month, I give that percentage of 1authenticheart revenue directly to charity (currently Mercy UK) and your investment plays a part in that! Check out what Mercy UK have said about how you're helping below...

mercy email.png
  • I then create a user name and password for the ministry and send it over to the leader so that they can log in and get started!

So, in working with me, you're not only mobilising yourself. You're mobilising a charity financially and a whole women's/girl's ministry spiritually at the same time!


Two members of St Helen's Baptist Church, Liverpool went through Chosen together when it ran as a live round. Here's what their minister, Tim has to say about my Mobilisation Mission... 


Ready for massive mobilisation?

Join the movement today

Find out more about how you can currently work with me to build your God-given business whilst giving back at the same time HERE.

Find out more about Chosen and apply for your ministry to receive a free membership HERE.